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VFA1-118-5M35, 35mm Focal Length, support 1/1.8" 5M sensor

Product parameters
Model: VFA1-118-5M35
Mount: C-Mount
Detector: 1/1.8"
Focal Length: 35mm
Description Specifications Drawing
  • Work with 1/1.8” ~1/3” format camera and focus length is from 4mm to75mm
  • High resolution, high contrast and low distortion
  • Perfect substitute for FA lens from Japan like Tamron, Fujinon, CBC, VST, Mytron, RICOH etc.
Focal Length f=35mm
F/NO F=1:2.0~C
Image Size 1/1.8"(7.2*5.32mm) 1/2.5"(5.76*4.32mm) 1/3"
Angle H 8.8° 8.84° 7.4°
V 7.0° 6.7° 5.5°
D 12.24° 11.1° 9.3°
Object Dimension at M.O.D H 57.9mm 46.5mm 38.7mm
V 43.4mm 34.9mm 29.0mm
D 72.4mm 58.1mm 48.4mm
Distortion(TV) <0.1%
Focus distance(min) 0.2M
Flange back 17.526mm in air
Back focus 19mm in air
Filter screw size M25.5x0.5
Front/Rear Effective Dia Front Φ15.7mm      Rear Φ8.5mm
Mount C-Mount
Temperature Range -10~+50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20~+60°C

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