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VFA1-118-5M08, 8mm Focal Length, support 1/1.8" 5M sensor

Product parameters
Model: VFA1-118-5M08
Mount: C-接口
Detector: 1/1.8”
Focal Length: 8mm
Description Specifications Drawing
  1. Work with 1/1.8” ~1/3” format camera and focus length is from 4mm to 75mm
  2. High resolution, high contrast and low distortion
  3. Perfect substitute for FA lens from Japan like Tamron, Fujinon, CBC, VST, Mytron, RICOH etc.
Focal Length f=8mm
F/NO F=2.0~C
Image Size 1/1.8"
Angle H 46.8° 38.2° 32.2°
V 36.0° 29.11° 24.5°
D 56.0° 47.7° 40.3°
Object Dimension at M.O.D H 269.4mm 219.2mm 186mm
V 202mm 164.2mm 136.7mm
D 336.7mm 274mm 232.5mm
Distortion(TV) <0.1%
Focus distance(min) 0.1M
Flange back 17.526mm in air
Back focus 11.4mm in air
Filter screw size M25.5xP0.5
Front/Rear Effective Dia Front Φ15.7mm      Rear Φ8.5mm
Mount C-Mount
Temperature Range -10~+50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20~+60°C

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