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Analog controller 2ch NTC-C00055E-2

Description Specifications
Each channel functions individually with external trigger input;
256 levels of intensity adjustment;
Maximum output current 5mA,output voltage 5V of each channel;
Model NTC-C00055E-2
Power supply DC24V
Max.output current of each channel 0~5mA
Max.output voltage of each channel 5v
Channels 2
Intensity levels 0~255
External trigger mode Continuous,Switched,Strobe
External trigger voltage 5~24V
Trigger delay time <50us
Internal output pulse-width 1ms-999ms,in steps of 1ms
Communication port RS-232
Baud rate and data format 9600/data bit, 8/stop bit, 1/no parity
Operating Environment Temperature 0~40°C / Humidity 25%~85%
Installation mode DIN
Dimensions(mm) 60*68*98
Weight 0.45Kg

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