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Digital controller 2ch NTC-E1024DF-M2

Description Specifications
•Stepping 0.1ms;
•Light intensity level 0 ~ 255;
•Pulse width 0.1ms ~ 999.9ms;
•Respond time≤5μs ;
Model NTC-E1024DF-M2
Power input DC24V30V 1A2.5A
Power supply terminal 5.08mm2EDGK-2P Butt plugs
support 0.3mm²2.5mm² wire diameter
Max output 24V1A each channel) 48W 2 channels in total)
Output terminal 2.54mm SM-3P Butt plug with empty pin in the middle
Drive mode Constant Current Driving
Intensity control 02550 closed255 max
Reverse power input protection Yes
Output short circuit protection Yes
Operating mode Continuous and strobe (trigger voltage 5V ~ 24V)
Trigger delay response ≤5us
Trigger delay pulse width 0.1mS999.9mS0.1ms step length
Trigger response frequency ≤20KHz
Trigger access terminal 3.81mm15EDGK-5P Butt plugs
support 0.3mm²1.5mm² wire diameter
Communication mode RS-2329600, 8N1,default address 25310/100M Ethernet default IP192.168.1.253TCP port number502
Standby power consumption <0.5W
Use environment (indoor) Temperature; 0℃40℃ humidity 25%~85%RHNo condensation)
Preservation environment (indoor) Temperature -20℃60℃ humidity 25%~85%RHNo condensation)
Cooling method Natural cooling
Installation method Support DIN standard rail 35mm width
Dimension L*W*Hmm 103x75x127
Weight(g) 500g
Accessories DC5.5X2.1mmfemale wire 35cmwire diameter 0.5mm²X1
A patch cord is required when using spot light.

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