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VCA230-22L, 0.500x, 22mm FOV, 65mm WD, 2/3" Sensor

VCA Series Bi-Telecentric Lens with build-in Coaxiel Light , Adjustable Iris .
Note: Some products will have changes in appearance and parameters. Please contact our sales team for the latest information.
Product parameters
Model: VCA230-22L
Mount: C Mount
Detector: 2/3" Sensor
Mag.: 0.500
FOV: 22
WD: 65
Description Specifications Drawing

VCA Series Bi-Telecentric Lenses are specially designed for high-precision application including metrology, inspection etc., With build-in Coaxiel Light , Adjustable Iris, and bi-telecentric design for high quality imaging.

  • Support up to 8M Pixel cameras;
  • Zero perspective error over the entire Field of View;
  • Big depth of field and constant magnification over defined depth of field;
  • Customization available with best performance/ cost rate;
  • Equipped with a Manual Iris for adjusting the Depth of Field.


Optical specifications
Magnification(x) 0.500
Object Field of View (Φmm) 22
Working Distance (mm) 65±1
Max Sensor Size (Φmm) 11.0(2/3")
Best Aperture (F/#) 5.0
Telecentricity typical (max) (deg) <0.1
Distortion typical (max) (%) <0.1
MTF30 (lp/mm) >160
Depth of Field (mm) ±0.8@F5
Length of I/O (mm) 189±1
Field of View  (mm × mm)
8.47x7.1 with ICX 16.9x14.2
Mechanical Specifications
Mount C
Length (mm) 106.7
Weight (kg) 0.2
Coaxial Light No
Iris No
1. Depth of Field is calculated value, this value could be used for imaging test, but to get sharp image in application, half of
    calculated value is suggested.
2. Length of  I/O = WD + Length + Back Focal Length.

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