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Dome Lighting, Bright, Uniform

Description Specifications
  • Providing uniform and shadows lighting, ideal choice for the shinny and curved surface.
  • With sphere structure, lighting comes out from bottom and 360 degree reflective, the whole image result is uniform.
  • Inspection on the curved and uneven surface,highly reflective metal and glass surface.

Model Color Current(max) Power(max) Color temperature Size
NTD-C70B-S Blue 0.11A 2.6W 470nm Typ.  
NTD-C70R-S Red 0.075A 1.8W 625nm Typ.
NTD-C70W-S White 0.075A 1.8W 6500K Typ.
NTD-C116B-S Blue 0.4A 9.7W 470nm Typ.  
NTD-C116R-S Red 0.29A 7W 625nm Typ.
NTD-C116W-S White 0.3A 7.2W 6500K Typ.
NTD-C175B-S Blue 0.5A 12W 470nm Typ.  
NTD-C175R-S Red 0.25A 9W 625nm Typ.
NTD-C175W-S White 0.5A 12W 6500K Typ.
NTD-C198B-S Blue 0.6A 15W 470nm Typ.  
NTD-C198R-S Red 0.5A 12W 625nm Typ.
NTD-C198W-S White 0.6A 15W 6500K Typ.
NTD-C260B-S Blue 0.7A 17W 470nm Typ.  
NTD-C260R-S Red 0.58A 14W 625nm Typ.
NTD-C260W-S White 0.7A 17W 6500K Typ.
NTD-C325B-S Blue 1.5A 36W 470nm Typ.  
NTD-C325R-S Red 1.2A 29W 625nm Typ.
NTD-C325W-S White 1.5A 36W 6500K Typ.
     R=Red; B=Blue; W=White; 


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