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NEW TRY’s debut in the US

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Update time : 2018-05-15 15:28:11
NEW TRY’s debut in the US
The Vision Show in Boston, April 10-April 12, 2018
We chose The Vision Show to be NEW TRY’s debut in the US, presenting our telecentric lenses, illumination products and calibration targets to the professional visitors. We designed a specific test platform to demonstrate how telecentric lens is different from normal FA lens, yet a fairly share of the visitors are very familiar with the difference. Meanwhile, they spoke highly of our effective demonstration.
We are grateful to participate such a professional exhibition meeting and learning from all these professional visitors. Seeing how the products caught their attention and interested them confirmed our belief of our products.
In addition, we were able to get a close look at all these exciting things happening in the machine vision industry at the show. Also meeting all the nice and kind experts who shared their knowledge.
Look forward to being in the US again presenting more exciting products soon.
We are new, yet we won’t stop TRYing.